Raclette is a traditional Swiss mountain cheese, I first tried it during a ski season in Morzine. It’s said that Raclette came about when Swiss shepherds traveling through the Alps would stop to eat cheese and potatoes by the fire. A large chunk of cheese was melted beside the flames then scraped onto baked potatoes. This humble feast would fuel their journey and became known as Raclette from the French word racler meaning “to scrape”. The name became both the type of cheese and the unique cooking method.

Still very popular in Switzerland and France, people tend to slice the cheese and melt over a table-top electric griddle to enjoy with friends and family. We use 3.5kg half wheels of the traditional Raclette cheese made in France and melt it to order under a large Raclette Grill.

It’s creamy, earthy, nutty and perfectly melty. At Queso Hombre we love it scraped onto fresh sourdough baguette with lots of ham and pickles and a touch of mustard… delicious! It pairs really well with a crisp white wine, fruity red wine or a cup of tea (no joke).