Grilled Cheese

Heat up a generous amount of cheese inside sliced, butter brushed, bread and you have grilled cheese. Using a stainless steel Buffalo grill plate and cast-iron weights we’ve perfected our technique to create a crisp golden sandwich that’s simple yet beautiful and heart-warmingly satisfying.

As a genuine cheese lover (I could honestly eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner), I took the research side of perfecting our grilled cheese sandwiches very seriously. I found the perfect 3-cheese-mix: grated cheddar for a sharp flavour, mozzarella for a cheesey pull and raclette for a gooey melt.

At Queso Hombre we’ve added good quality local ingredients and some Spanish flavours to create well-balanced combinations in our signature grilled cheese sandwiches the Clasico, Vamos and Verdura. Add a pot of side sauce, a sprinkle of grated Parmesan (because you can never have too much cheese) and enjoy!